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Puppy Head Start Program

Our Puppy Head Start Program incorporates beginning obedience, early socialization and the introduction of work in the training yard and eventually the field.  Early stimulation to these different types of environments helps to build confidence and create higher tolerance to high stress situations such as hunting or competing. We also incorporate proper nutrition in the program and believe the health of your puppy is paramount while here at Texoma Retrievers. Below are the fundamental components of our Puppy Head Start Program:​

  • Crate Training

  • Simple Land/Water Marks

  • Beginning Obedience and Leash Work

  • Introduction to Both Live/Dead Birds in the Yard and in the Field

We will work with owners, individually, if and when specialized requirements are needed for your puppy.


 (10 TO 14 WEEKS)


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Basics/Gun Dog Program

Our first love of the retriever began in the field with Jett and we know first hand how important that relationship is between hunter and dog. We've taken our years of experience in the field and blind and developed a solid Basics and Gun Dog Program. The program includes:

  • Basic Obedience

  • Basic Control Commands - Sit/Here/Heel

  • Force Fetch

  • Steady to Wing and Shot

  • E-Collar Conditioning

  • 100 Yard Marks

  • Introduction to Decoys and Decoy Training

  • Introduction to Dog Stand and Blind Training


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Hunt Test/Field Trial Programs

We offer an advanced program dedicated to the Hunt Test and Field Trial retriever/competitor. Texoma Retrievers competes in UKC (Started to Finished) and AKC (JR to Master) Hunt Tests and

also trains Field Trial competitors. We will customize your retriever's training program to fit your competitive needs, but most advanced programs require at least 3-4 months of advanced training.  Our training staff will work on all aspects of Hunt Test programs to cover the following:

  • Steadiness at the Line

  • Multiple Marks

  • Diversion Birds

  • Honor

  • Walk Up

  • Land/Water Blinds

Texoma Retrievers has been honored to have qualified and ran it's clients and personal dogs at the Master Nationals and HRC International Grand for the past six (6) years.  We understand the training needed to compete at these higher levels and have the experience to prepare and train for these events.


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Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is simple - we train based on LOVE and RESPECT for the animal and our outdoor environment. We use positive reinforcement to support and build upon the passion
and natural instinct of your retriever.  It's a wonderful thing to watch when a dog is

successful doing what they inherently love to do . . . and that is to RETRIEVE A BIRD!  

So, whether in a field, in a duck blind, in a boat or at the line Texoma Retrievers will work at

earning you and your retriever's trust in whatever program we can assist.

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Thank you for considering us for your retriever training needs. For more information on programs and cost, click on the Contact tab above or call us at 1+(580) 512-5733. We look forward to hearing from you!

Texoma Retrievers, LLC

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