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Professional gun dog and hunt test dog trainers running licensed AKC and UKC Hunting Tests and Field Trials

Located in Southern Oklahoma

Our 2021 Fall HRC Grand Qualifiers

HRCH Hope's Taking Aim
GRHRCH(4) UH Thistle Rocks Get a Grip HOF
HRCH UH Thunderstruck Django Unchained 
HRCH Right On The Money AJ of NCK 
HRCH OGF Lizzie Pickett  
HRCH ZK'S You Can't Hide Money  

HRCH Mississippi Cup of Moonshine
HRCH Deuce of Diamonds Stauffer
HRCH OGF Agostina Vega 
HRCH Claybaker's Dig It Out 
HRCH Wicked Bayou Angel Warrior
HRCH BIG R'S She's Got The Look
HRCH Black Ices Backwater Magnolia
HRCH Claybaker's Drama Queen  
HRCH Midwest's Wing Magic Jumping Jax

Our 2021 Master National Qualifiers

Big R's She's Got The Look MH
Black Ice's Backwater Magnolia MH
Claybaker's Dig It Out MH
Claybaker's Drama Queen MH
Deuce Of Diamonds Stauffer MH
Hope's Taking Aim MH
NCK's Rock Chalk Jayhawk Of Tgk MH MNR

OGF Agostina Vega MH
Ogf Lizzie Pickett MH
Pear Tree's Fourth Blossom Vella MH
Right On The Money Aj Of Nck MH
Thistle Rocks Get A Grip BN MH QA2
Thunderstruck Django Unchained MH
Winifred's Big Sky Rock Star Of Nck MH


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